Aluminum Compounds in Deodorants

Truth and Myths about Health Risks

Almost all commonly used cosmetic deodorants contain aluminum as one of the components. However, different experts like to talk a lot about aluminum compounds in the deodorants. They claim that aluminium-based deodorants cause cancer. As a result, many people consider aluminum compounds in deodorants to be potential health hazard chemicals.

aluminum in deodorants health risks

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at a cosmetic deodorant composition and the true side effects of the aluminum-based deodorants.

If you are really afraid of using commercial deodorants, then you can go for natural option and use the natural homemade deodorants.

Breast Cancer and Aluminum in Deodorant

The widespread Internet community usually talks negatively about aluminum in deodorants and link the facts with the causes of breast cancer. We are going to find out what are the true effects of aluminum-based deodorant. Are there any proofs that the breast cancer is caused by the aluminum in deodorants and antiperspirants?

In all the breast cancer studies and researches of the National Cancer Institute (NCI), which is a part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the scientists didn’t come across any proven facts that directly link breast cancer to aluminum in deodorants.

In fact, there are no statistics that firmly prove that the cancer emerges as a result of the use of aluminum-based deodorants. You can read the report on breast cancer of the NCI.

Furthermore, the Division of Cell and Molecular Biology has informed that independent clinical observations showed that the breast cancer starts frequently developing in the upper outer area. This report has significantly influenced the applying of deodorants. Nevertheless, it’s just a medical study based on assumptions. It might be a coincidence that most of the people, affected by the breast cancer have tumors in the upper right corner.

When a woman, who has recently started wearing a different type of bra, discovers that she has breast cancer during her monthly examination and states that the bra she wore yesterday was the reason for the growth of cancer cells, it does not make any sense. The same thing can be said about deodorants.

Aluminum in Deodorant Causes Alzheimer’s Disease – true or false?

Alzheimer’s disease is a tricky illness that affects the brain and slowly leads to the patient’s death. The Alzheimer’s disease symptoms start with memory related problems, such as short-term memory loss. The patients lose control over their bodies. In case of the Alzheimer’s disease, death may arrive suddenly.

In most cases, Alzheimer’s disease is typical for the elderly people. The Alz organization has discussed the most widespread myths about Alzheimer’s disease. Some of them state that each time you cook with aluminum utensils or drink from aluminum cups you can get the Alzheimer’s disease due to aluminum exposure. Moreover, if you use any cosmetic deodorant or antiperspirant excessively, the aluminum compounds in them will also cause Alzheimer’s. However, these organizations failed to prove that aluminum in deodorant and antiperspirants causes Alzheimer’s. It’s just the belief of specialists that household items and cosmetic products with aluminum have side effects. There is no evidence to back up these speculations.

As we can see, there are no proven facts that will allow us to link the various complex illnesses or conditions to aluminum in deodorants and antiperspirants. Instead, we have a clear understanding that a lot of people suffer from quite real body odor issues. And these unpleasant and stressful things should be solved in some way.

Don’t forget that many companies that are striving to promote natural deodorant alternatives on the market make million-dollar profits by spreading rumors about the harmful effects of deodorants with an aluminum component. So, we hope that our article will help you decide for yourself whether the myths of aluminum in deodorant health risks are worth believing.

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