Best Women’s Deodorants For Heat and Stress

What is the best female deodorant for wetness?

Many women would say, that this is a deodorant you can count on when going shopping in the summer, hitting the gym, attending an important meeting. A deodorant that is kind to your skin and has a pleasant scent.

They will be correct. However, sometimes a good deodorant is not enough.

best deodorant for women who sweat a lot

Excessive sweating may hit without warning. Stress, lifestyle, health issues and hot temperature may be too much for a deodorant. Knowing this, many brands have developed special formulas to combat these factors and help women stay fresh and maintain their underarms skin dry and nourished – their assortment includes both natural and antiperspirant deodorant (see the Deodorant vs Antiperspirant article to assess all pros and cons). We have drawn together a list of the best products, including deodorants with antiperspirants, known for their good body odor and sweat-reducing qualities. Each of them has their own benefits, so we leave it up for you to make a final judgment and select the best deodorant for women in your opinion.

Best Deodorant for Women who Sweat a Lot

Thanks to some input from some of our visitors we have added some additional antiperspirants that are great for controlling sweat and odor.

6. Certain Dri Antiperspirant – Added for 2017

Certain Dri is a great solution to keep you dry and fresh. It is one of the best deodorant for excessive sweating. That is why we have added it to our list.

About Certain Dry

  • It is a doctor recommended antiperspirant that is non-prescription.
  • Certain Dri is fragrance free and colorless.
  • Certain Dri is applied prior to going to bed and can last up to 72 hrs. It does not wash off while taking a bath or shower.
  • Great protection for women who sweat a lot.
  • You can apply a good smelling deodorant over the top of Certain Dri when you wake up in the morning. This is if you like a special fragrance but is not required.

5. Stress Protect Roll On Deodorant by Nivea

Stressful conditions and scorching weather will no longer leave its mark on you. Nivea worked hard to produce a high quality product that will provide women with enough anti-sweating properties to endure a rainforest heat or a really exhausting brainstorm.

You are guaranteed a 48 hours of no sweat, irritation or sudden body odor to worry about. Nivea got you covered.

4. Degree Dry Spray Fresh Energy Antiperspirant

This is a good antiperspirant deodorant. If you do not have a sensitive skin, you can use this product to combat sweating and body odor – you and your energetic lifestyle have not time for all that nuisance. With antiperspirants doing their job and refreshing scent surrounding you, you can go on with your everyday business and enjoy yourself.

If you are allergic to antiperspirants, we suggest skipping this option and choosing other products from our list.

3. Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant & Antiperspirant

The Secret brand is a well-known supplier of deodorant goods for men and women. Its products are quite good and offer plenty of choice for all skin types. Among all strong deodorants for excessive sweating, the Clinical Strength deodorant stands out due to its quality and mild, long-lasting effect. Clean fragrance and sweat-resistant formula keep you safe from sweating and help you prevent even the slightest hints of body odor. The deodorant exists in solid and gel varieties – both of them leave no traces on skin or clothes, so you do not have to make sure that your outfit matches your deodorant.

2. Dove Clinical Protection Deodorant & Antiperspirant for women


Dove has been taking care of women’s body for ages. Its nourishing, hydrating and rejuvenating treatments are widely used by ladies in every part of the globe. So, when this brand offers you the best deodorant for women, you are certain that it is true. The formula of this deodorant is very mild, free of aggressive aluminium cholohydrate and other cosmetic chemicals that clog the pores or irritate the skin.

1. Drysol

Now, meet the leader of the list. The best deodorant for women with excessive sweating, women, who have stay and work in a hot weather and women who want to control the way their body reacts to stress. Its formula is very strong and antiperspirant based, so before you apply this 20-25% deodorant, you are recommended to consult your dermatologist. Once you are sure that your skin can handle Drysol, you will be forever relieved of sweating problems.


Keeping the Rest of Your Body Dry

Most places just focus on the under arms and keeping them dry. Reviewing multiple questions from the site and from several other reviews there is something else that also comes up. The question is “Can this also keep other areas dry?” So here is a list that contains a few additional products that can help out in the other areas.

No Sweat Bundle!

The No Sweat Bundle includes a tube of Fresh Breasts Lotion and Anti-Monkey Butt Powder. Yes I know, interesting name isn’t it. This bundle will keep you fresh and dry all day. If you hate having chafed thighs and breasts this is your solution.

The Ani-Monkey Butt Powder is used to keep you dry and avoid getting chafed thighs. It is an anti-friction powder that leaves an amazing satiny smooth feel. This is great for running, exercising, biking and excessive walking.

The Fresh Breasts lotion is a natural formula that is Aluminum free to help fight against perspiration and chafing under your breasts. Contains Tea Tree Oil to fight bacteria and Oatmeal as an anti-irritant.


Whether you have issues with heavy sweating due to stress sweating, heavy activity or you are just a heavy sweater, these top 5 deodorants can really help you out.

We would love to here your feedback if you have tried any of these products or you have additional products that you believe work better. We hope you have enjoyed this list of best deodorants for excessive sweating.

Any alternatives?

Sick of all these antiperspirants and artificial formulas? That’s not a problem. Make your own natural deodorant at home and forget about allergies or skin irritation. This is easy and fun!

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