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Whether you would like to ask any questions or express some doubts regarding natural deodorant recipes, then you can leave your comment below to get the professional feedbacks and clarify your doubts. Our website’s audience usually provides us with a great variety of issues, especially, about vinegar deodorants, so we decided to compile an extensive list of deodorant-related questions and answers to offer you more information about deodorant alternatives at one page.

deodorant faqs

What is a deodorant and how it does it work? What are the benefits of using it?

A deodorant is a cosmetic product that you can easily purchase at any drugstore in order to eliminate the unpleasant body odor caused by excessive sweating. To learn more about deodorant products, please, visit our deodorant vs antiperspirant webpage.

All deodorants and antiperspirants soak up the bad odor produced by the body and replace the unpleasant smell with a clean fragrance. This is how a high-quality deodorant will keep your body smelling good all day long. Moreover, some deodorants prevent bacteria from multiplying and is important, because the human body usually starts giving out the bad smell due to high bacteria growth. That is why some deodorants include components that control the replication of bacteria. Furthermore, if you do not like the idea of applying cosmetic products that may contain harmful chemicals, you can find a number of very useful tips on using natural deodorant alternatives such as homemade vinegar deodorants. Rest assured that apple cider vinegar as deodorant will fit all your hygiene needs.

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When is the best time to use deodorant?

In fact, deodorants usually do not suppress excessive sweating of the body. They work mostly to mask the bad smell of the body, however high quality deodorants have ingredients that can reduce perspiration. Whenever you’re sweating a lot or you’re exposed to heat, you should spray an antiperspirant or deodorant on your body.

What are the best deodorant alternatives?

We have created the best natural deodorant alternatives page for you to find out some outstanding homemade deodorant recipes.

Vinegar as a deodorant – to use or not to use?

Vinegar deodorant is one of the most commonly used natural deodorant alternatives. Applying 50/50 vinegar-water mix under the armpits is the effective way to suppress body bad odor. According to many specialists, it’s the best and the most affordable natural deodorant.

Caution: Be sure you have no skin conditions or damages as, for example, cuts on the underarm skin. If you apply distilled vinegar deodorant on the sensitive broken skin, it can cause irritation. The strong smell of vinegar itself will be gone after several minutes. Because of a strong scent, it’s a great idea to apply vinegar as a deodorant. People who can’t afford to buy a commercial deodorant alternative can apply vinegar as the superior natural deodorant. Learn more at: The best natural deodorant alternatives

How many times can I use my deodorant?

There are two key factors you should rely on: the intensity of sweating and the intensity of daily physical activity. If you’re an IT programmer or HR manager, you don’t need to apply a deodorant for more than two times per day. The reason is very simple: no physical work – no excessive sweating. The work you do has a large influence on your body sweating intensity. Usually, people use deodorants two times in a day to feel fresh for a long period of time.

When do most of the deodorants expire? How long do deodorants last?

In fact, deodorants have an indefinite shelf life. However, deodorant manufacturers have to follow a range of conditions for deodorants’ production process. As a result, all deodorant bottles should have an expiration date. The sweat suppressing power of your deodorant will decrease after a year of your first applying, so you should definitely buy another one. If you would like to use deodorant that will last for eternity, you can drop the handkerchief to a homemade vinegar deodorant.

In most cases, the brand of the deodorant you usually purchase and your sweating intensity play an important role in the evaluation of the deodorant efficacy. You can easily find the answer to this question by regularly using your favorite deodorant for 1-3 days.

Does deodorant affect mammogram?

Healthcare specialists don’t recommend applying deodorants before mammography screening because of the aluminum compound that may be contained in the deodorant formula. The compound can appear as an artifact on the mammogram film. Please read this article here for full reasons with explanations.

We will be updating this FAQ page on a regular basis. If you have any tricky questions or doubts regarding applying deodorants or vinegar-based deodorants, please, drop a line to us or post a comment below.

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