Is A Deodorant Without Antiperspirant Possible?

Antiperspirants tend to make most people twitchy, mostly because of the cases or rush, irritation and redness, common for allergic skin. Also, using deodorant with antiperspirants is not recommended for those who have cuts on the underarm skin.

Considering this, many brands are concentrated on developing efficient deodorants without any antiperspirant ingredients to fit all kinds of people and skin types.

Are these products as efficient as the deodorants with antiperspirants?  We offer you to find out, by offering you a list of the best antiperspirant free deodorants.

List of Best No Antiperspirants Deodorants

Tom’s of Maine Long Lasting Deodorant

deodorant without antiperspirantTom’s of Maine brand is well-known for selling both natural and antiperspirant-containing deodorants. Does the first type keep up with the latter? Tom’s of Maine Unscented Long lasting deodorant is a fine example of how a deodorant can not contain any antiperspirant and still be effective. Currently, it is one of the most popular deodorants of the company.

Within the natural deo line, Tom’s of Maine offers you an extensive range of authentic scents and aromas, including Unscented Non-Antiperspirant Deodorant and Scented Natural Deodorants (Wild Lavender, Fresh Apricot and Refreshing Lemongrass).

Arm and Hammer Essential Solid Deodorant Fresh

non antiperspirant deodorantArm and Hammer is a successful Indian company that made a name for itself by producing antiperspirant and antiperspirant free deos. It made a real breakthrough in the field of natural deodorants production – the ingredients of any Arm and Hammer antiperspirant deodorant are completely organic and contain zero aggressive components.

The company keeps up with this reputation by offering Arm and Hammer Essential Solid Deodorant Fresh. This is an effective deodorant, which has long-lasting effect. You will not find any antiperspirants, aluminum, parabens and chemicals among this Arm and Hammer deodorant ingredients.

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Old Spice High Endurance Deodorant

best aluminum free deodorantWho does not know Old Spice? A brand this big simply could not leave its natural deodorants-preferring audience out. The natural line of Old Spice offers the buyers deodorants that last for 24 hours and destroy even the slightest traces of body odor or sweat, while being completely antiperspirant free. You can see for yourself by reading any natural Old Spice deodorant ingredient list. Old Spice High Endurance is currently one of the hottest natural offers due to its quality and efficiency. If you like the aroma of  this brand’s product, but fear rashes-inducing chemicals, this deodorant has the scent you love and lacks everything you do not love.

best deodorant without aluminumHerben Cowboy Natural Dusk Deodorant

A brand that brought you many awesome antiperspirant free deodorants, Herben Cowboy has a new deodorant without antiperspirant for men to offer. The Natural Dusk Deodorant offers good, long-lasting body protection, both in terms of body odor and sweat prevention and skin care.

Dove Men+Care Deodorant Cool Silver

deodorant without aluminumOf all brands, Dove is one the most targeted at maintaining your skin calm, smooth and free of any rashes or irritations. Even the ingredients of a Dove deodorant that contains antiperspirants are very mild and feature skin-soothing elements. The antiperspirant free deodorants made by Dove offer maximum efficiency and comfort, and are perfect for people with sensitive skin. Widely known for offering products both for male and female users, Dove developed Dove Men+Care Deodorant Cool Silver for taking the best care of men’s body during their busy days.

The ingredients of this Dove deodorant are based on a non-irritating formula that is allergen-free and has a pleasant, lingering scent.

So, these were the best non-antiperspirant deodorants that current market has to offer. As you can see, the demand for natural deos exists and so you have your own slice of offers, scents and types. Stay ready for your busy day and forget about reddening.

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