Natural deodorant alternatives – easy to prepare at home

Whether you get tired of the frequent use of commercial antiperspirants or you don’t buy them at all because they may contain harmful chemicals, you have a brilliant chance to go for the superb natural deodorant recipes. We introduce you a list of the natural homemade deodorants that can be used as an acceptable substitute for common cosmetic products. Therefore, if you’re not interested in buying the best-scented deodorant approachable in the market then you can take a look at the core ingredients for organic deodorant recipes that we will discuss in this article. Get the astonishing deodorant benefits with natural deodorants instead of consuming commercial products that can affect your overall health.

Natural Homemade Deodorants

We are definitely going to look through some of the prominent natural components that can really do the right work for you without detailed explanations regarding deodorant recipes. Make sure these following natural deodorant alternatives will be effective in reducing your body odor.

Fresh Lemon Juice as a Natural Deodorant Alternative – how to applynatural homemade deodorant lemon juice

While natural ingredients have their own pros and cons, fresh lemon juice is considered the perfect deodorant alternative. You can effortlessly use this ingredient and feel dry and clean all day long. Moreover, it’s one of the most affordable natural deodorants without side effects.

Once you decide to rely upon this natural deodorant alternative, apply fresh lemon juice under your arms and wait approximately 10 minutes. Then use water to wash it off and enjoy the unbelievable freshness. Redo this at least two times a week for the greater results.

Natural Homemade deodorant - apple cider vinegar

Vinegar as a Natural Deodorant Alternative – how to use

Apple Cider vinegar is one of the most popular natural alternatives as it is highly antibacterial and completely non-toxic. Apple Cider Vinegar has an effect of the superb natural deodorant alternative and as good as any high-quality commercial product.

First, you can easily buy vinegar alternatives for deodorant in every grocery store. For example, try Apple Cider Vinegar. Open the bottle of vinegar and dip 1 or 2 cotton balls or other cosmetic pads into the bottle. These cotton pads or balls should be fully soaked in the vinegar liquid. Once the cotton pads or balls can’t hold any more liquid in them, apply them for approximately 10 minutes under your arms. Take a shower afterwards. This is how you deal with excessive sweating and unpleasant body odor! You will see it for yourself – Apple Cider vinegar acts as the best natural alternative for deodorant.
Baking soda homade natural deodorant 3
Baking soda as a Natural Deodorant Alternative – How To Use It Properly

If you want to feel natural freshness every day, you can use sodium bicarbonate as known as baking soda. Applied under the armpits, baking soda gives your body a boost of freshness. Using baking soda powder allows you to get rid of the bad odor produced by your body. It has the power to remove your sweat and foul-smelling odor. You can easily use it as the superior natural homemade deodorant.

Usually, apply powdered baking soda after taking a shower. However, it’s better to use it with water, so the baking soda pH level would remain unchanged. Remember, the increased pH level of the baking soda can cause such side effects as skin irritation and other skin problems. Learn more about the chemical compounds of baking soda here.

Note: Using too much baking soda can be damaging to the skin, so make sure that you apply it wisely. If you feel some discomfort or even pain after applying baking soda, then you should contact your physician.

So, we’ve told you about several natural homemade deodorants that will help you to throw some light upon your perspiration problems. Furthermore, using the aforementioned products prevents harmful chemical impact caused by a standard commercial deodorant. You’ll be safe, happy, and will be surrounded with a fragrance of a tender flower using these natural deodorant alternatives.

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