Why is Deodorant Bad For You? when it’s not for me!!

There are many people who argue that they don’t feel deodorant safe for them. Not all people think in such a way but only some people have that sought of negative thinking. The actual reasons are quite many but let us analysis some of the very frequent questions we get regarding the experience with deodorant and even antiperspirants. 

Here are some of the reasons why most of the people think deodorant is bad for them. And also we are describing why they also thing deodorant is bad for them.

1. Their First Odd Experience with Deodorant 

It may be that your first encounter with the deodorants was a bitter experience. Yes most of the people take a wrong decisions because of the wrong thinking basing on their first experience. Don’t ever try to seek a persons advice if he is talking negative about it.

Deodorant vary alot. Not all deodorants are good and not all deodorants are bad. You should be capable of understanding how a deodorant work. Note that deodorants cause skin irritations for only some people but not to all. The cause of irritation due to deodorants is that the person had used a strong deodorant on his sensitive skin. That may lead to skin irritations.

2. Not Understanding Difference Between Deodorant and Antiperspirant 

Before applying anything to your body first of all know about that product. There are many people who thing antiperspirant and deodorant work the same. That’s totally wrong. Check out deodorant vs antiperspirant page to know the exact differences.

3. Thinking that Deodorant is Harmful

Not all deodorants are actually harmful. It totally depends upon how you use deodorant on your body. There are many documents that directly or indirectly link deodorants to best cancers and other diseases. But check out actual verdict and medical statistics on deodorants related health risks.

4. Are you using deodorant antiperspirant products?

Not all deodorant are pure. There are many manufacturers out there who are coming up with combinatino of deodorant and antiperspirant products that contain excessive chemicals and change your body sweating function. If you are likely using deodorant/antiperspirant product, actually you can check out bottle label to know whether you are using deodorant/antiperspirant product. If so, you can change to pure deodorants. Use deodorant without antiperspirant in it or else atleast you can go with the homemade natural deodorants


So now tell me why is deodorant bad for you? Are you afraid of using deodorant now after knowing the facts about it. It’s your right to feel free when you are in the society. You should not feel uncomfortable because of your body odor and excessive sweating nature. Fight against it. Don’t think that deodorant is bad for you!!

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