Best Dry Shampoo for Healthy Hair

Life has become so busy these days that we generally do not get time to wash and dry our hair every morning. It becomes even more challenging when you have long and thick hair. Washing hair becomes an arduous and lengthy process full of styling, heating and waiting. It’s really difficult to imagine the life now without dry shampoos. It has been a total game changer.

Generally, dry shampoos come in powder or spray form. The good quality dry shampoos not only soak up the oil, they also clean your hair. They are water-free and give fragrance to your hair. Also, for the people who have time and can go for washing their hair daily, or the people who are just less tolerant for dirt, dry shampoo gives a boost to the volume of your hair. Hence, it is a win-win product for everyone. These are qualities of a ‘good’ dry shampoo. All the dry shampoos, however, are not created in a similar manner. Buying a dry shampoo can turn out to be quite tiring since it requires you to go out and purchase and buy and buy a lot of potential worthless products until you get the right one for you.

Given below is a list of some of the best dry shampoo reviews. Check it out!

1. Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo by Sexy Hair

Best Shampoo for Hair

This one is a mineral and clay based dry shampoo by ‘Sexy Hair’. There is no need of water with this shampoo. It provides nourishment to your hair and absorbs all the excess oil product buildup and impurities. Big sexy hair volumizing dry shampoo is a perfect choice for use as a refresher in between the washings. The main ingredients of this shampoo are- Sunflower Seed Extract and zeolite.

Directions to use:

Hold the can of the shampoo about 8 inches away from your head and spray on your hair and scalp. Make sure you focus on the roots of your hair. Leave your hair like this for 2 minutes and then brush out the excess shampoo.

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You can use it even on color-treated hair. It does not affect the hair color. In addition, due to the presence of liquid baby powder, it doesn’t leave any white residual after use. Since it is in the form of hair spray, you can use it on any colored- hair. The product adds volume to your hair and also soaks up all the oil leaving your hair dryer and wavier/bouncier. This shampoo has a fruity fragrance. You can get away days without washing your hair. Just spray the right amount of shampoo on every use. People prefer it, especially in the summers when the hair is mostly naturally oily and you crave for that bounce.

2. Living Proof Dry Shampoo

Batiste Dry Shampoo

This is a dry shampoo which absorbs sweat, oil and any bad odor even from ultra-clean hair. It also leaves a time-release fragrance on every use which keeps your hair clean, light and scented all day long. The product perfect for all hair types. The odor neutralizers in the shampoo help in eliminating unwanted odor from the hair and give a long-lasting fragrance. Living Proof Dry Shampoo does not leave any residues after use. The only thing that you need to take care of is that you must not be heavy handed while using the shampoo, which means, don’t spray too much and don’t use very frequently. Once in every two should be good enough. Over usage of the shampoo can result in the harmful buildup.

In case it still leaves some residue on your hair after use, you can simply rub it off lightly using a towel. This is overall a high-quality product and gives your hair the freshness it needs between washes.

3. Batiste Dry Shampoo Original Clean & Classic

Batiste Dry Shampoo

Batiste Original Dry Shampoo comes with classic and clean fragrance. A few quick shampoo sprays will instantly leave your hair feeling fresh, clean, texture and full of body. This dry shampoo soaks excess grease and oil from scalp and hair from the roots. It promotes a makeover to the lifeless, dull hair which they deserve. No water is needed. The UK made dry shampoo has a refreshing fragrance and helps to keep your hair revitalized. It is very convenient and quick to use at any place, any time.

The main ingredients of this product are cetrimonium chloride, distearyl dim onium chloride, benzyl benzoate, geraniol, linalool, limonene, parfum, alcohol denat, Oryza sativa starch, propane, isobutene, and butane. This is sulfate free shampoo as it is not listed in the ingredients on the bottle.

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The product can be used for both curly and wavy hair. Just spray on your hair and use your fingers to fluff it through the hair. Then use a towel in case there’s excess shampoo/residue left. Then just brush your hair as usual.

Dry Shampoo is something that should be in beauty stash of everyone. There are thousands and millions of dry shampoos in the market in today’s date. If you are still using oat and rice starch to absorb oil from your hair and scalp to allow yourself to go a day or two without having to wash your hair, remember that dry shampoos have evolved a lot more than your expectations.

Apart from solving the purpose of keeping the hair away from oil and grease, dry shampoos now are made of newest formulas which consist of styling ingredients which add thickness, volume, and texture to your hair. Dry shampoos are quite handy. However, one must remember that these are not a long-term alternative to the actual shampoos. These should not be used for many consecutive days together as they get to build up on hair and a gummy or a sticky residue can develop which can weigh it down.

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