How to Make Your Own Natural Homemade Shaving Cream?

Get that clean and smooth stubble with homemade shaving cream

Shaving is an important part of men’s grooming regime. Many people like to grow a thick stubble and only prefer clearing for several occasions. Moreover, the trend of having thick beards is further pronounced with online hashtags of ‘no shave November.’

However, if you believe in being clean or want to look at your formal best for an upcoming occasion, you should not only focus on the shaving brush, but also the type of shaving cream. Shaving creams are available in abundance at every general store. But the sad reality is that majority of them infuses with chemicals. Although that’s the common scenario, still there are possibilities for a better way to shave.

To execute this, you have to put in some efforts apart from your shaving time and whip up your homemade shaving cream. If you have heard of it for the first time, let me remind you there is a minor section of men opt for this natural and efficient alternative. I should also convey that they are happy with the overall results.

Why homemade shaving cream?
shaving cream replacement

If you are still not convinced about trying out your own shaving cream, there are some major reasons why you should reconsider your decision. Homemade shaving creams are perfect shaving cream replacements because the latter has various toxins and carcinogens. Moreover, a homemade shaving cream exchanges the following benefits:

  • They are amazing for your skin as they don’t have any chemicals that will act as irritants. Also, the natural ingredients used in a homemade shaving cream helps in softening your skin.
  • Shaving creams made with natural ingredients are better for the environment.
  • The most logical reason for you to make your own shaving cream is the expense. You can save a lot of money on the top brands of shaving cream only offer a concoction of chemicals at overpriced rates.

Getting the right shaving cream replacement

how to make homemade shaving cream

For beginners, go on with a simple process that doesn’t require multiple ingredients.

The internet is filled with different types of shaving creams and how to make them. The homemade shaving cream that you will learn to make from this post just requires three ingredients and a couple of minutes. The major ingredients are:

  • Coconut Oil – This should be extra virgin 100% coconut oil as they are devoid of any chemicals and will make for an organic shaving cream.
  • Shea Butter – Helps in moisturizing and protecting your skin.
  • Olive Oil – A conditioning element helps your cream to mix into the right consistency.

So, with these simple readily available ingredients, you are ready to start preparing your own shaving cream.

Still confused?

The process of making your homemade shaving cream is simple. You just have to mix the right consistency of each ingredient to make a fluffy cream. Keep whisking the cream until you get the right consistency and store it in a bottle for future use.

Also, know that there are local companies out there who follow this method of manufacturing organic shaving cream and selling it as a remarkable quality product at the higher price in several boutiques.

For what do you wait now? At least give it a shot and experience the effect of using natural shaving cream.

Well, here is a video by Kirbie Johnson on how to make shaving cream. We hope you would get a brief idea on the actual process:

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