Tips on How to Shave with a Straight Razor

Straight Razors and How to Use Them Safely

There are plenty of razors that promise you the clean and smooth shave without getting the cut. However, when it comes to grooming, you can do this most basic thing without technology. Learning how to shave with a straight razor is a necessity. Electronic razors are advanced and showcase different types of blades and precision level, but a straight razor provides the actual clean shave.

Straight razors are the old classic razors used when the world wasn’t gripped entirely with technology. So, if you have always wanted to do things in old school way, do not rely on the unpredictable technology. Shaving with a straight razor is what you need to learn.

Know a little about straight razors

Before you proceed on the path to learning straight razor shaving, learn a little about them. Safety razors became a necessity and were readily available after the 1950’s. Until then, men used the straight razor which is a fixed blade razor. A straight razor is also called a cut-throat razor and is made up of a handle, shoulder, spine, blade, tank, shang and point. Obviously, the most common parts of the razors are the blade and the handle.

A word of caution for people who are going to learn the straight razor shaving method is that it has a long learning curve. No one can perfect the shaving process within the first method, and you will cut yourself at least once. To get the cleanest shave without any cuts and problem, it takes at least a 100 shaves or more for some people.

All said and done, learning how to shave with a straight razor is always advisable. It is provides the cleanest shave which you cannot get from any other type of modern razor.

Shave with a straight razor: Tools needed

How to Shave with a Straight Razor

So, when you are prepping for that fine shave, the first step is to have all the shaving tools right on your bathroom cabinet or table. The essential tools required for shaving with a straight razor are:

  • Clean and sharp straight razor
  • Shaving cream or soap
  • Shaving mug or bowl
  • A strap
  • A shaving brush

It’s time to prepare for the shave

To get the perfect shape with the help of a straight razor, you need to prep up your beard. Have a shower in warm water. If you are just looking for a shave, then clean your face with warm water or dab your stubble. This can be done with a soft cloth soaked in hot water. It will open up the pores of your face and make it easier for getting the shave done painfully.

After you have cleaned your stubble, apply the shaving cream on your face using your fingers or a good shaving brush. To ensure that you don’t cut yourself while shaving with the straight razor, the lather on the face should not dry out.

The shaving cream should apply in a circular motion, and you should get rid of any excess lather to ensure all the oil from the face is drained up, and you can easily get rid of all the excess dirt or grime.

Getting the shave right

After your face is prepped up, the next step is to start shaving with the straight razor. It is important to know how to hold the razor correctly as this will help you get the clean shave in a perfect and painless manner.

Always hold the razor with your dominant hand, so you have proper control on it. Using your other hand, try to stretch the skin as tightly as possible. That will allow you to get the shaving process right. To avoid any cut marks, it is advisable to hold the straight razor at a 30-degree angle from the skin.

When you are shaving with this razor, always start by keeping the razor blade flat on the skin. Then gently lift it in the direction of the hair growth at an angle of 30 degrees. Never apply too much pressure on your cheek or neck when you are shaving. It will get you cuts and can be very dangerous.

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Use even strokes in the direction of hair growth, and you will get the right shaving hand within few practices. After your first stroke or shave, you need to wash the razor blade. Repeat the process as the same area of the skin but in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

Once you have finished shaving the stubble and the area you wanted along with the neck, clean your face with warm water. Get started with closing the pores by shaving gently again. The second time shave should be done with cold water as that will help you to close the pores.

Also, don’t forget to apply an aftershave cream or any oil. It ensures that your face doesn’t become dry and you get the smooth, clean shave.

Taking care of the straight razor

Unlike your modern day razor, the straight razor is made from high carbon steel and will rust if you leave it simply. Clean the straight razor under running water and use a toilet paper or any tissue paper to clean the excess moisture. Apply blade oil on the razor. Once you have followed these steps to clean your razor, ensure that you only keep it in a cabinet.


So, if you have always wanted to get the perfect shave without any ingrown hair, then you now know that is only possible with the help of a classic old-school straight razor. You just have to get this piece of equipment and try shaving with it until you get it right. Majority of the people give up after a few attempts because it is too dangerous and there are chances of getting cuts. But once you have mastered this old-school equipment, you can shave anywhere, including remotest part of the skin.

Learn to shave properly and in an authentic way to look fresh and attractive.

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