Top 4 High Quality Men’s Shaving Kit

If you want to maintain and upkeep your hair, trimmers and hair clippers are a must-have. These can be used on body hair, facial hair and can also be used on the hair on the head.

A variety of trimmers and clippers are available these days. Even though they all have the same kind of functions, the way they use and cut the hair varies from trimmer to trimmer and clipper to clipper. They also have different grooming purposes.

Major brands include Nova, Gillette, AGARO, Bi-feather, Panasonic, Philips, etc. You can also get these online. However, before you decide on which one you want to buy, make sure you go through the instruction manual first to get the information about the kit and the kinds of attachments which come along with the product. Also, learn about the way of using the tool.

Become a Professional with the Best Trimmer and Clipper Kit

In case you have short hair, and you need frequent haircuts, or a professional or hair stylists, then you can go for a clipper or a quality electric trimmer.

Clipper and hair trimmers are inexpensive and ideal for keeping the hair well maintained and clean. These are very useful tools for getting an array of layered, short haircuts for men. Not only this, the best part about these shaving tools is that these can be used easily at home.

Let’s have a look at some of the best Mens Shaving Kits:

#1. Remington PG 5252 Head to Toe Lithium Powered Body Grooming Kit

Shaving Kits for Men Remington

The kit includes eight different attachments for your grooming needs which include the following:

  • 3 Beard and Stubble combs (3 mm, 6 mm and 9 mm)- You can trim your beard for exactly the length and the style you want by using the snap on the combs.
  • Hair clipper comb with eight-length settings
  • Vertical body hair trimmer
  • Ear, nose and detail trimmer
  • Full-size trimmer- You can use it with or without the comb for completing your style. Use it for trimming, cleaning up, neckline, sideburns and facial hair.
  • Foil shaver- used to get and detailed and smooth, close shave for cleaning up the jaw and neckline.

It has surgical, self-sharpening steel blades to provide long-lasting performance. The best part about this grooming kit is that it has easily washable attachments. All you need to do is to rinse them under the faucet for cleaning. It runs on lithium batteries and runs up to 70 minutes of cordless runtime when fully charged.

The trimmer maintains high and consistent power throughout the entire life of every charge. The charging indicator light updates the load status and the battery level so you can charge it accordingly. There’s also a charging stand in which you can organize all the grooming kit pieces conveniently. This recommended product is available with a money-back guarantee of sixty days and two years limited warranty.

#2. Complete 8-Piece Shave Kit by Colonel Conk

Shaving Kits for Men Colonel Conk

The Chrome stand has Pure Badger Shave Brush with the chrome handle, and Merkur #180 Slim handle safety razor. The complete set of the shaving kit includes matching chrome shave bowl and col. Ichabod Conk High Desert Breeze Natural Shave Soap (2.25 ounces), 6 ounces of high desert breeze after-shave lotion and 2 ounces of col are included in the package. The black set comes in a ceramic bowl.

The merkur is of perfect weight and slides perfectly across the face. This shaving style is especially ideal for beginners. The soap has a lovely fragrance and makes a good amount of lather.

The stand is sturdy too. There’s no comparison to Merkur. It is the best-recommended brand for the razors in the market in the current times. The stand is quite sturdy and even better for you if you use a lock-tight on it. The safety razor is also the perfect size, easy to hold and use. Due to the long lasting design of cutter, it serves all the intended purposes. The product is not very flashy or fancy. The best part about it? It has enough space and doesn’t make any noise when you tap the brush on its corner.

#3. Gillette Shaving Kit for Men

Shaving Set for Men Gillette

Here’s a list of the tools which you get in the Gillette shaving kit for men:

  • Gillette Fusion ProGlide Bundle
  • 4 Pro Glide Razor Blade Refills
  • 1 Pro Glide Handle with Flexball Technology
  • Pro Glide sensitive (2 in 1) Shave Gel (6 ounces)

You can never run out of the razor blades if you just subscribe for the shave gel and the razor blades. You will get them delivered any time when you need them.  On subscription, just the first bundle pack consist of the razor handle. The refill deliveries include Fusion ProGlide Sensitive 2-in-1 Shave Gel and 4 Fusion ProGlide Razor Blades.

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor has the Flex Ball technology, which let the razor blades make maximum contact on the contours so as to get every hair possible. It is a perfect combination with the shaving gel coming along with it in the kit. This product leaves you with the charming- smooth skin all day long.

The Fusion ProGlide Blades have finer, thinner edges which cut effortlessly through the hair. The 2-in-1 skin care and shaving gel also promote an incredibly smoother shave from beginning to end because it has the specific formula for sensitive skin type.

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You can get the Gillette’s best blade with the Gillette Bundles. Gillette Bundles consist of a handle, replacement blades, with/without the shaving gel. The fusion razor blade refills are suitable to fit all the fusion handles.

If you’re wondering about how long the razor blade refills last, then it depends on many factors such as the thickness and toughness of the beard, your shaving habits and also the sensitivity of your skin.

#4. Premium Luxury Shaving Kit Set

Men Shaving Premium Luxury Set

This highly durable shaving kit set consists of the following items:

  • ShaveMaxx Safety Razor
  • Bowl
  • Shaving soap
  • 100% Badger Brush with chrome handle
  • Razor
  • Brush stand

Not only this, but in bonus can you also get the five replacement blades, one polishing towel, and one leather blade guard. It is a perfect gift to give your boyfriend, your brother, your husband or anybody who grows a beard. Any man would totally love this amazing shave kit! The safety razor is chrome plated to give easy access for better cleaning and replacement of the blade.

To replace the blade, you must first remove the head. The brush is also attached with chrome plating for better grip when your hands are soapy or wet. The 100% Pure Badger shaving brush is to make more lather which helps in gently exfoliating your face and preparing your beard for a comfortable and close shave. It’s a perfect kit if you’re a beginner. Not only this, this product has some attractive additions for your bathroom counter. There’s everything you need- shaving brush, double edge safety razor, soap dish, professional barber shaving soap, and bowl.

Now, shave with confidence and enjoy your shaving experience with the premium quality shaving set.

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