Straight Razor – Shave the Old Way

Are you an old fashion shaver? Do you prefer a straight razor over all the high tech new age razors? Maybe you are just tired of spending so much money on the 3 blade 4 blade and 5 blade razors. Check out these options for the perfect straight razor or straight razor kit.

As you check these out just sit back and imagine that nice warm lather on your face and neck as you shave.

Straight Razors

Parker SR1 Stainless Steel Straight Edge Barber Razor and 5 Shark Super Stainless Blades

straight razorFirst up is a barber shop high quality well designed safety razor from Parker that you can use at home.

What does the Parker Safety razor have to offer?

  • Nice stainless steel well designed straight razor.
  • Nice detail for a quality look.
  • Manufactured by a company with 40 years experience in the business.
  • Comes with 5 shark blades.
  • The straight razors have rounded corners to decrease the potential of nicks and cuts.
  • Replaceable blades.

Straight Razor with Mahogany Wood Handle by Sawtooth Shave Co

straight edge razorThe Sawtooth razor is nothing less than a work of art with its mahogany handle and high quality Japanese stainless steel blade. This beauty makes an excellent gift. Great straight razor for the beginner or experienced.

What does the Sawtooth mahogany handled straight razor have to offer?

  • High quality mahogany handle.
  • Top grade Japanese stainless steel blade.
  • Amazing design and looks.
  • The stainless blade comes pre-sharpened.
  • The steel hardness is perfect to hold an edge for a long time yet is easy to re-sharpen.
  • 7/8 size for long life.

Iwasaki 50mm Straight Razor   

straight blade razorIf you are in search of something special then you should really check out this Iwasaki straight razor. This straight razor was made by Shigeyoshi Iwasaki. Shigeyoshi Iwasaki was born in 1933 and is licensed sword maker.

What does the Iwasaki straight razor have to offer?

  • It is a traditional Japanese razor.
  • The straight razor is hand forged by Shigeyoshi Iwasaki.
  • Overall Length of 6.5″ with a 1-15/16″ long blade.
  • High quality Japanese Steel.                                                

Straight Razor Kit

If you are looking for an all in one experience and package check out these straight razor kits.

DOVO Forestal 5/8 Cocobolo Straight Razor Luxury Shave Set

straight razor kitDovo offers an amazing straight razor kit with everything that you need.

What does the Dovo straight razor kit have to offer?

Straight Razor

  • Amazing design with a gorgeous cocobolo handle.
  • A full hollow ground carbon steel blade that is made in Germany.
  • Free lifetime strop, hone and polishing.

Strait Razor Kit

  • Leather and Cloth Strop
  • Leather travel pouch stamped.
  • Luxury shaving mug.
  • Badger hair shaving brush.
  • Luxury stand for the straight razor and brush.
  • Shaving soap.


Naked Armor Straight Razor Gift Set

Naked Armor offers a beautifully packaged gift set with a high quality straight razor kit for sale.straight razor gift set

What does the Naked Armor straight razor kit have to offer?

Straight Razor

  • Perfect strength and precision blade made of high quality Japanese stainless steel.
  • Environmental friendly wood handle accented with a silver tip.
  • An adjustable hinge screw so you can set the blade torque you prefer.
  • There is a signature series scale on the blade to prevent hand slippage and injury of fingers.

Straight Razor Kit

  • Quality sandalwood box to keep the kit together or repurpose as you desire.
  • Leather strop with hardware made of brass to keep your razor sharp and ready to use.
  • Handmade natural soap for a fantastic shave lather. The soap is made of coconut oil, butter and milk.
  • Lather applying badger friendly brush.

This can be the perfect gift for your husband, brother, dad or son. It also offers a 100% money back guarantee.

How to Shave with a Straight Razor

For the inexperienced person that wants to learn how to shave with a straight razor this YouTube video is Highly recommended.

A.P. Donovan – Excellent straight razor 7/8 ” cut throat Razor Set

straight razor kitThis straight razor has a perfectly balanced mahogany handle with Japanese carbon steel blade.

What does the A.P. Donovan straight razor kit have to offer?

Straight Razor

  • Brilliantly crafted Madagascar mahogany handle with silver tip and accents.
  • High quality Japanese carbon steel alloy. The 63 Rockwell hardness allows for the precise sharp blade for the perfect shave.
  • Amazing balance between the hardwood mahogany handle and the Japanese carbon steel blade.
  • 7/8″ blade to last a long time and through years of sharpening.

Straight Razor Kit

  • Beautifully crafted mahogany box to hold the kit.
  • Shaving brush made of badger hair inset into a mahogany handle.
  • A leather strap with robust linen fabric on one side and Kazakh cow leather on the other side.
  • A.P. Donovan abrasive paste to ensure the perfect sharpening of the blade.

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