Organic Tampons Review

Since eating organic food, smearing natural sunscreens, drinking from sustainable water bottles, and preferring slow fashion shopping are top of mind these days, it is only a matter of time before all the green talk comes to feminine products — namely tampons. Because most of us use them every month and while not exactly the identical as snacking on a handful of pesticide-free blueberries, the female care product actually goes into our bodies. Therefore it is very essential for these product to be safe and chemicals free.

The difference between traditional (non-organic) and organic tampons.

Non-organic tampons contain a regular cotton, which grows with the pesticides. Synthetic rayon mix in non-organic tampons are bleached and whitened with chlorine and also might include chemical fragrances or dyes. The chlorine in the bleaching process comprise of dioxin, which is an endocrine disruptor that is linked to endometriosis or even cancer.

Applicator in traditional tampons are often made with the smooth pearly plastic that most of us tend to find more comfy for insertion. That comfy plastic contains phthalates, which are also endocrine disruptors causes health hazards.

Whereas organic tampons are manufactured with organic cotton, meaning cotton grown without insecticides. Organic cotton tampons are also 100% free of any chemicals, dyes, and fragrances. If there is an applicator in organic tampons, it’s probably made with biodegradable/sustainable/renewable material.

Best Organic Tampons

There’s an innumerable organic and natural tampons on the market today. Here are the reviews of some of the best organic tampons to make your search for a natural way to deal with your menstrual cycle a little easier.

1.    best organic tamponsNatracare Tampons

Natracare has been manufacturing natural products since 1989 and introduced the first alternative to conventionally made feminine hygiene products.


  • These tampons are made from 100% organic cotton
  • It is plastic free, doesn’t contain any rayon and chlorine
  • Cotton in the tampon doesn’t shed, eliminating the risk of bacterial infections
  • These are the organic tampons with applicator. Product offers a biodegradable cardboard applicator
  • Product also have applicator-free tampons
  • Available in different varieties i-e regular, super and super plus


  • These organic cotton tampons are a natural way which works perfectly for women suffering from allergies, irritation and itching during their period.
  • Conventional tampon makers use a synthetic overlay made from crude oil on every tampon to keep the absorbent inner fibers from falling loose from the tampon.
  • Natracare tampons are made with 100 percent organic cotton that interlocks and doesn’t shed.
  • These tampons are soft and made throughly from biodegradable materials, including a cardboard applicator.

2.    organic tampons with applicatorMaxim tampons

It provides women with utmost protection for their feminine hygiene in a way that’s good for their health as well for the environment.


  • Product is made from 100% certified organic cotton
  • These organic tampons are absolutely free from chlorine
  • It comes with a cardboard applicator containing rounded tip
  • Applicator has finger grips to make it convenient to use
  • It is also available in applicator-less version
  • Cardboard packaging can be recycled


  • Maxim tampons have a security veil to provide an extra level of protection which works against fiber shedding of their tampons
  • These tampons are individually wrapped for extra convenience and they are also packaged in recycled cardboard
  • Maxim offers organic tampons with applicator and without applicator, you can buy according to your preference. Maxim also provide finger-grip grooves on their applicators to make them even more convenient to insert.
  • These organic cotton tampons are certified by an international organization known as ICEA

3.    organic cotton tamponPuristics

Puristics tend to provide pure, natural products that are also extremely effective and resultant.


  • Absorbent core material of these tampons are made from 100% certified organic cotton
  • It is absolutely free of chemicals, rayon and synthetics
  • These are hypoallergenic and fragrance-free
  • It’s cotton is not bleached with chlorine which make them dioxin free
  • Cardboard applicator comes with a rounded tip for easy insertion


  • The cotton used in these tampons was grown without pesticides, or genetic engineering. They were also cultivated without the use of sewage sludge
  • This organic cotton tampon is 100% certified by the Institute for Marketecology (IOM)
  • The cardboard applicator of this tampon is flushable and has a soft, rounded tip for easy and convenient insertion.
  • Puristics tampon comes with a security veil to eliminate any fiber shedding during use.

4.    organic tampons with applicatorOrganyc Tampons

The company is specialized in working with cotton for wound care, hygiene use and other medical needs since 1947.


  • Product is made from organic cotton
  • They are wood-pulp free
  • It doesn’t contain any synthetics
  • These tampons are bleached with hydrogen peroxide
  • They are completely biodegradable and compostable
  • The brand is quite affordable compared to other organic-tampon brands


  • Product features a 100 percent cotton absorbent core, provides a security veil to preclude any chance of fiber shedding
  • These are made from 100 percent biodegradable and compostable organic cotton that is also free from chlorine.
  • This organic tampons with applicator has a soft, rounded tip for comfort during insertion
  • This products is top-seller in Italian pharmacies and is recommended by gynecologists and dermatologists worldwide, specifically for women suffering from skin sensitivities or allergies.

5.    organic cotton tamponsEmerita Tampons

Emerita are 100 % organic cotton, and pesticide-free, comes in multipack.


  • They are made from certified organic cotton
  • These organic cotton tampons are cleaned using chlorine-free methods
  • It is rayon-free and hypoallergenic
  • Product is packaged in recycled materials that are printed by using soy-based inks
  • Comes with a biodegradable applicator
  • It is available in a multipack that has all 3 absorbency levels
  • Organic tampons with applicator – Available
  • Organic tampons without applicator – Not available


  • Emerita tampons are manufactured with 100 percent certified organic cotton. They don’t include any rayon, polyester, fragrances or dyes. It is one of the best organic tampon.
  • They contain absolutely no pesticide residues and dioxins. They cleaned cotton with a mild hydrogen peroxide solution.
  • Emerita comes with a multipack that has disparate absorbency levels in one box. Their multipack includes 16 regular, 8 super, and 8 super-plus tampons.
  • Emerita tampons offers a security veil with a fine, cotton outer mesh that keeps the fibers in the core of the tampon. This eliminates the risk of toxic shock syndrome.


Organic cotton tampons may cost you a bit more than the conventional tampons. But keeping in mind that it can help to defense your health from potential toxins, the extra cost is worth it.

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