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Best Men’s Deodorant 2017- Reviews

Soaking-wet, sickly, stench, and foul-smelling armpits will not score you any points with your boss, your colleges, and your family. And when your pits stink, people do notice, even if they’re too embarrassed and discomfited...


How Its Made Deodorant

Ever wonder how deodorant is made. Do you use the chemical kind or do you prefer natural deodorant.


Aluminum Free Deodorant Test.

Are you into natural deodorants that are aluminum and chemical free. Here are some great aluminum free deodorants that you can test out.


Top Aluminum Free Natural Deodorants

Did you know that your body absorbs 85% of what is put onto your skin? Most commercial antiperspirants and deodorants contain aluminum in the form of aluminum chlorohydrate to stop perspiration. Many people believe...


Best Men’s Deodorants for Sensitive Skin

The fact that male skin is rougher than female skin, is not always true. Our lifestyle greatly affects the skin sensitivity. Guys who have office jobs and have to sit in the office seven...


Aluminum Compounds in Deodorants

Truth and Myths about Health Risks Almost all commonly used cosmetic deodorants contain aluminum as one of the components. However, different experts like to talk a lot about aluminum compounds in the deodorants. They claim...


What does Perspiration Means?

Perspiration means Sweating, it’s the simplest and most direct answer to tell you. There are some people who doesn’t sweat at all and some people sweat moderately. And some are there who sweat horribly....