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Staying Healthy And Vibrant As You Age!

There is no plan that works for everyone: the best you can do is adapt and apply these tips to your situation. It is in your best interest to live a long and fruitful...

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Tricks To Help You Start Controlling Acne

Most people have suffered acne at one point, whether in small batches or a full blown acne problem. However, there are many dermatology advances that allow you to have clear skin. The following article...

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Best SweatBlock Review

When we talk about the day to day, there are several mishaps that can cause embarrassment, discomfiture and agitation. One of the most frequent issues that tends to emerge among both men and women...

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Organic Tampons Review

Since eating organic food, smearing natural sunscreens, drinking from sustainable water bottles, and preferring slow fashion shopping are top of mind these days, it is only a matter of time before all the green...

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What is the Best Shaving Soap of 2017?

Best Shaving Soap Reviews A traditional wet shave demands spending the money on a quality shaving soap, otherwise you may soon find that the extra time and energy wet shaving takes may not be...

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Best Men’s Deodorant 2017- Reviews

Soaking-wet, sickly, stench, and foul-smelling armpits will not score you any points with your boss, your colleges, and your family. And when your pits stink, people do notice, even if they’re too embarrassed and discomfited...

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What is the Beard Shampoo of 2017?

Making your beard look captivating is no easy task. Today we are elucidating one of the most exceptive, yet often overlooked products that all beards men should have – a shampoo for beard. Dissonant your...


How to Shave with a Straight Razor

This is a perfect tutorial for those who wish to learn how to shave with a straight razor. It will teach you the basic technique and shaving supplies required. for more detailed info check...

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What is the Best Beard Oil of 2017?

If have beard, you know how the struggle. Your beard can be a natural trap for all kinds of dirt and bacteria, so that’s what beard oil is going to help you with. Beard...


How Its Made Deodorant

Ever wonder how deodorant is made. Do you use the chemical kind or do you prefer natural deodorant.


Aluminum Free Deodorant Test.

Are you into natural deodorants that are aluminum and chemical free. Here are some great aluminum free deodorants that you can test out.